Magnet Rehearsal Studios was established in Nottingham, UK in 1996.  It remains the only purpose-built practice facility in the city.  After many years, we are constantly being told we have the best music studios and equipment in the East Midlands, offering unrivaled value for money. 


Backline Hire 

We have a huge backline stock including all the usual industry-standard gear. We have modern and vintage guitar amps for hire, as well as bass amps,  guitar combos, and cabinets. We have a wide selection of drum kits, cymbals, percussion,  keyboards,  guitars, DJ gear, and all music accessories for hire. All our music equipment is tested and checked before leaving the premises. We can deliver anywhere in the UK.

One Stop Shop

We also supply  PA equipment,  lighting, FX units, guitars,  and we have a tour shop  where we can supply strings, drum  heads,  sticks etc. We can also arrange to have your merch dropped off, T-shirts printed  and we can find tour managers, road crew and drivers. This is a one stop shop for any live band. 


Magnet Studios

Unit 2, Davisella House

Newark Street




Call +44(0)7879452976
+44 (0)115 9243324

or  email rob@magnetstudios.co.uk

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Magnet Hire

Unit 2, Davisella House

Newark Street




Call  +44 (0)7879452976

+44 (0)115 9243324

or  email rob@magnetstudios.co.uk


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