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backline hire  - Splitter van RENTALS

Backline Rentals: - Magnet is the biggest backline supplier  in the Midlands. Since 2000, amassed a huge range of music equipment for hire. Guitar amps, bass amps, and keyboards, pianos and drums for hire. VOX, Marshall, Fender, Ampeg, Matchless, Mesa Boogie, Orange, Peavey, Trace Elliot, Rivera,  Roland, Korg, and more. We also have drum sets for hire by DW, Gretsch, Tama, Premier, Yamaha, Pearl and more.

Just a few of our satisfied customers include Status Quo, Megadeth, The Damned, Molly Hatchet,  James Blunt, Craig David, Simply Red See our client list.

"Highly recommended...reliable backline rentals ... great service" - Andy Sneap - Producer


Guitar Heads


Bass Heads

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Guitar Cabs

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Bass Cabs

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Guitar Combos


Bass Combos



Drums and Percussion


PA, Outboard, FX. Mixers Amps, Mics etc

Splitter Van



DJ Gear

Misc inc Recorders, Trannys, Cases etc



Backline Hire Nottingham           Backline Rentals Leeds               Fender Amp Hire                                  Splitter Van Rentals

Backline Hire Leicester              Backline Rentals UK                    Marshall Amp Hire                                Vans for Bands

Backline Hire Derby                    Music Equipment Hire                 Ampeg Bass Amp Hire                          Splitter Van Hire

Backline Hire Sheffield               Music Equipment Rentals           Mesa Boogie Amp Hire                          Rehearsal Studios

Backline Hire Lincoln                  Guitar Amp Hire                         DW Drum Hire                                     Crew-bus hire

Backline Hire Skegness              Drum Hire                                 Yamaha Maple Custom Drum Hire        Peavey 5150 Hire

Backline Hire Newcastle              Keyboard Hire                            Vox Guitar Amp Hire                            Orange Amp Hire

Backline Hire London                  Backline Hire UK                        Backline Hire Europe                           Matchless amp rentals

Backline Hire Europw                  European Backline Rentals           Nord Hire                                           Roland Jazz JC 120 Hire